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Chinatown Post 628 is a unique post located in the heart of the City of Los Angeles.  Chinatown?  Do I have to be Chinese to join?  That is two question asked time and time again.  Yes, the name is Chinatown, because it is located in the city’s area called “Chinatown.”  No, you don’t have to be Chinese to be part of this energetic post.  You don’t even have to live in the area.  We have members living as far east as Ohio, North to Washington and south to San Diego.  30 percent of our members are non-Chinese.  We share a common goal.  “For God and Country,” we revere the four pillars of the American Legion and utilize it to help us work with our veterans, community, children and youths, and most important, national security.

2015, the post celebrated it’s 70th Anniversary.  It was in 1945, that a group of Doctors and Attorneys, all WWII veterans requested charter from the American Legion.  Right after World War Two, many of the community veterans was pillars themselves in building the community.  Because of these forward looking veterans, the Chinese Communities are what they are today.

2016, Post Commander Tony Wong and wife Margaret was honored as Outstanding Parents of the Year in Chinatown.  This was the recognition brought on by the involvement in the American Legion.  2016 also saw one of our young comrade, Barry Kuan, bring recognition as Outstanding Youth in the community.  

The post can be noted to have the first Asian Department (State) Officer in the American Legion history in California, and the first Asian Officer ever elected to a statewide position in California.  In the true spirit of the American Legion, the post have had the honor to host the National Commander during his visit to California, four of the past five years.

This post is not about yesterday.  It’s all about tomorrow.  We want our younger comrades to take the baton and continue to build for tomorrow.  We want to grow the best men and women, who shall rule over our communities, states and nation.